April 20, 2009

Plan for today

BREAKFAST: 2 slices of toast with Avo.


LUNCH: I felt like a chicken pie.... I had a chicken pie:)

SNACK: Hot cross bun

SUPPER: Deboned, skinless chicken breasts, stuffed with chedder and bacon bits, drizzeled with olive oil, spiced and grilled. Savoury rice, a green salad and balsamic vinegar.

EXERCISE FOR THE DAY: A brisk walk around the block with baby in the pram to get my heart rate up, weights 5 x 10 reps with 2.5kg dumbbells.


TjoppieM said...

You healthy healthy girl! I lve reading your daily plans. Motivates me! Wish i could eat so little though! Today i had:

2 x Wholeweat toast with Melrose
1 x Apple
1 x Toasted sandwich with roast leg of lamb, cheese, tomato
2 x Small chocolate eggs left over from easter! ;-)
Woolies Strawberry and cream jelly sweets
Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower.

Mmm....you win! ;-) Will have to catch tips once babes is here!

Mandy said...

I also love reading your daily menu. Every morning I wonder what you are going to eat and what you ate over the weekend.

Yester day I had:

No breakfast - Didn't have time, but suggested to Agnes to make me 2slices of toast with tea each mornin so I can eat it while etting dressed. Did have a cup of tea when I got to work though.

11 o' clock - tea again

Lunch - 1 wholewheat sadwich with grated cheese.

3 o'clock - tea again

Snack - a Banana

Went to gym: 10 min cycle, 10 min brisk walk, 10 min rowing, 5X 10 reps ab crunches, 10 min stepper.

Dinner - Tagliatelle Pasta with mince bolognaise sauce - my secret recipe absolutely devine.

Snack before bed - hot chocolate

Will have breakfast tomorrow, I promise!!!