September 26, 2008


Hi all,
Well we have another 3D scan scheduled for week 28 for a clearer picture, but in the meantime we got a sneak peak. It looks like half his face is missing because of the enormous temper tantrum he was having.

September 16, 2008

And now for a little rant


Personal space.

You know, that barrier between you and me.

That arms length that defines your space from mine.

That place my "aura" resides in.

That place I really don't want to feel you, Mr/s/Miss perfect stranger in.

The space that I have allowed in front of me in the queue so as not to invade the person in front of me.

My space you are now standing in, the space you are now breathing in so that I can not only feel your breath on my neck, but can smell what you've eaten in the last hour.

The space that no matter how hard I try to gain back, by tactical manoevering so as not to invade the person in front of me's space, you insist on getting back into.

I sigh, hoping that the garlic I ate last night will encourage you to move away.
I cough hoping that you think I am contageous.
I cannot muster up a fart.....

Finally, after the person in front of me has moved, I take a giant leap forward in the hopes that you will not follow.

But like a magnet you are drawn to me, you move in, sticking your sweaty arm to mine. I cringe, and vomit just a little in my mouth.

And then, just when I think I will leave my goods at the till and run from you,.... a voice of reason from the little boy behind you.

"Mommy, why is that lady standing so close to that girl, she smells a little like meat"?

The mother grabs her son, trying to find the smallest crack to fit into.

You blush and step back, I smile ... and pay ... and walk away with my groceries, feeling that justice has been served.

House Update

We had unbelievably good weather this weekend, no excuse not to do anything on the house.

Syd completed the floor last week, one colour, monotone, no bits in a different colour, you catching my drift here. It looks spectacular. So this weekend hubby got to work on renovating the skirtings, a perfect excuse for me to sit in the sun a little and get rid of the pastiness that is me. He has really done such an amazing job sanding them down and rebuilding the bits that need to be rebuilt. Hopefully next weekend we can paint them and stick, I don't know the technical term, them to the wall. From there it's the curtain rail and my new furniture and the lounge is finally done.

In hindsight, (I love that word), perhaps our initial time frame was a little on the idealistic side. Here's what we've done so far.

1. Removed horrid rotten carpets, complete with mould and puke stain.
2. Sanded down putrid nicotine stained cream walls.
3. Removed rotten cornices, some of which were stuck on with double sided tape.
4. Removed skirtings.
5. Broken down funny looking alcove wall.
6. Filled the hole in the wall, (no not the South African attraction, the other hole in the wall).
7. Ripped out part of the ceiling.
8. Replastered bits and pieces where the plaster no longer felt compelled to be bonded to the underlying bricks.
9. Moved the front door.
10. Replaced the back door, (not part of the plan until it fell off one night).
11. Repainted the entire lounge.
12. Replaced part of the ceiling.
13. Repainted the ceiling.
14. Painted the floor, 4 times!!!
15. Put in new plugs in another room where they had to chop holes into the lounge wall.
16. Replastered, filled and painted holes that electricians made when putting new plugs in other room.
17. Changed all the relevant light fittings.
18. And finally sorted out the skirtings.

Perhaps we should have decided on 6 months and not 1...


The 5 month baby bump
I'm happy to say, touch wood, I haven't put on weight anywhere else ... YET!

September 02, 2008

Another important announcement

Sjoe, whatever will you all do? 3 posts, 1 day.... so I guess it's me that caused the horrid weather lashing the Cape!

In other very important news. My good friend 'Tjoppie', is expecting. A true miracle baby.

Tjops, I am so proud of you and C. We wish you a very blessed and healthy pregnancy. I can't wait to see "HER" 1st picture. (Yes people, we are willing it).


Hello World, I'm a ....

Just a little note to let you all know that I, the new edition...
Am a little boy. Now you get to guess my name... those of you who know, don't spoil it... k!
Can't wait to meet you all.


Well, it's quieter this week let me update.
You guessed it, the lounge is not yet done, I'm beginning to get a little short tempered with this whole lot, but this time there is a very good reason...

My sensitive sinuses started acting up, REAL bad! We decided that the little savings we had put away to complete the lounge had to go into getting the trees being cut down before they were in full bloom, and before the cheerful spring birds made their nests, (I would have lived with the allergies, I can't kill baby birds). So, the tree fellers arrived bright and early last week and began cutting the culprits down. Syd in his infinite wisdom decided to ask the fellers to get rid of the foliage and cut the branches into smaller logs to keep for braai wood. Aha!!!!

There is a LOT of wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the whole reason for my long winded rambling is this..... South Africans are curious by nature and so many of our "neighbours" stopped to find out what was going on. Um.... in case you hadn't noticed, we're cutting down trees. Ja, you see that chainsaw, you see the tree falling, you see the the loading of the foliage, the now completely open house, where once before you couldn't see the front at all, WE'RE CUTTING DOWN TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since there was no need before, we had no lace curtains on the windows, now with every person driving down our street and slowing to try and figure out what is different, we had to get something. So Sunday was spent hanging new curtain rails, goodbye, circa 1960's cream painted plummets and horrid rusted metal hooks, hello decent curtain rails and properly hung curtains.

Added to the whole trees and curtains indaba is the fact that my poor dedicated husband painted the last coat on lounge floor, only to have a section of 1 x 2 meters left after the paint was finished. No problem, go out buy some more studio paint, same colour, different batch. Paint the floor, floor dries....... Different colour. EXPLETIVES!!!!!!! He has however promised me that weather permitting, he will complete the floor, in the new colour, this weekend. We'll see, I have no expectations, I'm done hoping....


I've been tagged by Sam, I think... (cunning lady challenges me to update my blog).

A. Attached or single? Married and very attached.
B. Best friend? Syd, my Mom, my gorgeous sisters, Nats, Nats, Pam, Sam, Anneke, Ericha, Cecilia and the list goes on, I'm a lucky girl. (I don't have a stutter, there are two Nats')
C. Cake or pie? Pie!!
D. Day of choice? I try to embrace every day, but I would suppose Sundays, the only day I get to laze around.
E. Essential item? Lip ice, hand cream, a book and my Plac├ęcol cleanser
F. Favourite colour? Burned orange and blue.
G. Gummy bears or worms? To eat? Worms. I'm not to sure that I'd eat Gummi Bears.. shame Cubby bear being smushed around in my mouth... Oh the torture, I'd need help and lots of it.
H. Hometown? Grahamstown (blush), spent most of my life in PE though.
I. Indulgence? My facial once a month and my foot spa
J. January or July? Aah man, could we not have chosen other months. July is my birthday month, but I'd have to say January because it's summer and I hate winter, grumble
K. Kids? 1 step son, one of my own on the way and 2 beautiful fur babies, Bella and Indianna
L. Life isn’t complete without? My husband & family & friends & my animals
M. Marriage date? 3 November 2007, but we have been practically married for 8 years.
N. Number of brothers & sisters? 2 Sisters
O. Oranges or apples? If I have to choose, oranges
P. Phobias? Roaches, ew, gross, sick, vomit EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!
Q. Quotes? “Each one of them (us) is Jesus in disguise". & "Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own"
R. Reason to smile? Life and nature is chaotic, and after chaos, beauty always comes
S. Season of choice? Summer
T. Tag seven peeps! Whoever feels the urge
U. Unknown fact about me? I have a memory a mile long, I remember stupid insignificant stuff, from years ago. Oh, and I'm blunt.... really scary, don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you're better off knowing that those jeans make you look like a Biggest Loser contestant, prior to the big loss, blunt! (AKA I suffer from word vomit)!
V. Vegetable? Love them!!! All sorts, doesn't matter, just gimme
W. Worst habits? I keep peoples secrets to the detriment of myself, my temper, & I expect perfection, when I do something that's not perfect I get incredibly frustrated with myself
X. X-ray or ultrasound? A year ago I would have said X-ray, but ultrasound is a breeze now
Y. Your favorite food? Prawns skewered in their shell with a light drizzling of home made butter, garlic and herb and straight on the coals of a hot fire, rump steak, pumpkin & gem squash
Z. Zodiac sign? Cancer, with Gemini rising, I get confused sometimes...