July 28, 2009

Amalgamated thoughts

My mind is all over the place, so please excuse the post.

There are 2 thoughts on my mind right now and they sort of relate to each other.

I am not a chick girl. Never have been, I think that my uncanny ability to say the wrong things at the wrong time tends to make other women dislike me.

Recently I have been surrounded by my Internet friends, a group of really strong, opinionated women, who don't seem to take much offence to anything. So when I met Marthie on Saturday, I was, for the 1st time in my life, quite nervous. What an amazing woman, and what a great time we had. Jayden is gorgeous, and Marthie has absolutely no airs and graces. She is what she is, take it or leave it, and that kind of genuineness is so rare today. I must say that from the moment we started chatting, I knew that meeting our other Internet friends soon, would be easy. Thanks M, I had a fantastic time, despite your run in with horrible people, next time we'll have to make sure we keep ourselves locked up in my house, with large quantities of wine.

The other thought on my mind has been my recent email to Mandy. In my defence, I warned you Mands ;) When I received no response I began to worry that I had mortally offended her. I mentally slapped my own hand everytime I read and re read the mail, wondering why I find it necessary to continually poke my nose in and pass 'judgement', for lack of a better word, when it's so much easier to keep the peace. Why would I show this side of myself to a budding friendship. Mands, thank you so much for your reply, it gave me some peace of mind that I had not completely ruined our online sisterhood, and I do think you're on the right path. I continue to be incredibly proud of you, and can't wait for that long awaited positive result. Nuff said!

Bottom line ladies, I'm not the friend you call for compliments. If that zit looks like a giant flashing light on your face, I will, in all likeliness, tell you that, if I think your ass looks fat in those jeans I'll tell you, and if you need to know whether yellow really makes you look pale, I'll tell you, you look like the Corpse Bride. Bottom line, if I looked like a blimp, I pray that some one will tell me before I go out in public, so if you need some one to go shopping with you and honestly tell you what you look like. I'm your gal. Tactfulness, you'll have to seek elsewhere!

3 About Me

Tagged by Marthie....

Here it goes;

Three names I go by:

Three jobs you may not know I have had in my life:
Bar lady
Bank teller
Insurance administration

Three places I have lived:
Grahamstown (EEEEEEKKKKK)
Various houses in Port Elizabeth
Our dump, I mean house now

Three shows that I watch currently:
Private Practice
CSI: All 3 of them

I have been:
Cape Town

Three people who e-mail me regularly
Head Office (Unfortunately)

Three of my favorite foods
Leg of Lamb
Nice big fat rump

Three bloggers I think will respond
Dunno I'm a bit slow on the uptake here

Three things I'm looking forward to!
Jordan's first word
OPM family day on 31/10
Christmas. I LOVE Christmas!!!

I tag everyone who hasn't already posted this meme.

July 26, 2009

Farewell to our Grand Lady

Mom B, the angels came to take you last night. You left us without any warning, but we know you were at peace. And although you will be missed here on earth, we know you are happy, in the arms of Louis up in heaven.

I promise to look after your son as I always have.

Rest in peace. We love you.

July 21, 2009

If I Were a Rich Girl, na na na na na....

I have a secret fantasy. I'm in love with everything Dolce and Gabbana.

The complete ensemble would cost me a mere 1,379.... Pounds that is. Or an astronomical R17,968.37 at the current exchange rate
What is your secret fantasy?

All pictures accredited to the official D&G site www.dolcegabbana.com

July 20, 2009

Taking the Last of Me Back

There are two things I have put on hold since Jordan was conceived. The one is due to pure laziness and the other is a rather embarrassing condition.

From tomorrow, I will be starting gym again. Although I am at my regular weight and maintaining it with no effort, I have found that my ass is not quite where it should be, and to be entirely honest, I will do ab crunches until the cows come home, because it's easy for me. My bum on the other hand has always been a problem area and I HATE doing those exercises. So off to gym and onto the bike and orbital trainer to get the 'ol derier back into shape.

The other is my sweating problem. I sweat under my arms BAD. That's why you'll never see me wear anything but white or a dark colour top in any photos whilst pregnant or now. Granted, I have found some fabrics that don't show sweat marks and I treasure those tops. I have a medicated deodorant that requires you to put it on at night and wash it off in the morning. The problem... it could strip paint off of walls, and the prospect of accidentally transferring it from under my arms onto Jordan's head when I feed him at night terrifies me. Having said that, I will put a long sleeve tracksuit top on every time I feed him at night so as not to transfer anything onto him. That starts tonight.

I need to start feeling like a woman again, and not just like a mommy, and these are the last two things that will get me back to womanhood.

Is there anything you've given up or still have to reclaim?

July 17, 2009

Please don't stop the Music

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Here it goes in no particular order.

1. Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
2. Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
3. Come Together - The Beatles
4. Poison - Alice Cooper
5. I'm not ok (I'm ok) - My Chemical Romance
6. Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
7. Thunderstruck - ACDC
8. I'm Not Over - Carolina Liar
9. Bleed it Out - Linkin Park
10. Black Betty - Ram Jam

3 Bonus tracks (don't cringe)

1. Flower - Moby (You know the openning track to Gone in 60 Seconds)
2. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol (I can never hear this mans voice enough times, it's haunting and beautiful, beyond description
3. Reach Out - Hilary Duff (Before you lynch me, give it a listen, a really nice grungy attitude version of DP's original, this little girl never ceases to impress me).


July 16, 2009

Jordan 6 months

My boy is 6 months old. I can hardly believe where time has flown to. I must admit, my heart is a little sore that my tiny 2,5 kilo baby is turning into a little boy, but I suppose that's the way life goes.

This playgym thing is sooooooooooooooooooo tiring.
Mommy's little drool monster
Please excuse the hair, lack of makeup, blurry eyes etc, this was my husbands idea of fun about 10 minutes after I had woken up

I can sit forward in my pram and DON'T try to strap me in. I HATE it!!!

July 10, 2009

Assvice please

Hi, I'm Nikki, and I'm a chronic spender.

I hardly ever spend my money on me, mostly it's on other people. It is not uncommon for me to come home with bags and bags of goodies for other people. If I see something that I know a friend would love, I buy it. If my husband happens to say "that's nice", I buy it, if I know someone has a thing for cows, let's say, and I happen upon a cute coo beasty trinket, I buy it! You see the trend here?

Nothing gives me more joy than giving people stuff! I LOVE it, it's a drug!!!!!!

The problem is that hubby says I'm neglecting myself. I can't get him to understand that it's nice to have a new camera for me, but I'm overjoyed at buying him his spray gun/compressor thinga that he's wanted forever.

Am I neglecting myself? And if I am, how do I find the balance?

July 08, 2009

On the topic of anal retentiveness

I don't know how many of you are/were Friends fans, but there was an episode where Monica's cupboard was revealed. If you never saw that episode, I'll fill you in.

Monica being the absolute perfectionist that she was, had a cupboard that no one was allowed access to. By the end of the show, Chandler had opened the cupboard and the mess of goods that had been haphazardly thrown into it, came tumbling out to greet him.

My sister affectionately calls my shoe habit my Monica drawer. I have a terrible habit of leaving my shoes under my office desk and then walking through in the morning with another pair of shoes, then leaving those under my desk and so on and so forth until I eventually need one of the pairs under my desk, in which case I walk barefoot to my desk and just slip my feet into the required pair.

So my anally retentive sistas, do you have a Monica drawer, and what is it?

July 07, 2009

Organised or overly annoying?

I need order in my life, but lately I am beginning to wonder whether I resemble some strange Bree van der Kamp clone, organising and reorganising my life? I'm going to let you in on a few of my little quirks when it comes to Jordan, you decide.

I pack his baby back in sequence.

Bottles on either side, Prodol and various other required 'meds' in the upright pouches.
A change of clothes are put at the bottom of the bag, then his nappies, wetwipes and I never travel without a disposable changing mat to put on those icky supermarket baby chairs.
In the front pouch are his 'spoegdoekies' and his face wetwipes as well as his teething dummy which is kept in a washable pouch. In the back pouch, his food in a Tupperware container and a spoon in a Ziplock bag. If we're going out and he needs to bath, I bring a separate bag for his wet towel, face cloth and dirty clothes.

I cook all his meals on a Sunday morning while I'm making breakfast for the family. Each meal is stored in a container which gets frozen. Green for apples, yellow for bananas, blue for porridge and pink for night time veggies.

His cupboards are packed with bibs, vests, hats and scarfs and PJ's in one drawer. Day clothes in the other drawer. Receiving blankets in the next drawer down and clothes that are too big for him in the bottom drawer. In the opening cupboard are his towels and face cloths, spoegdoekies and fleece blankets and comforters. Each item is rotated and clean items are put at the bottom of the pile.

I change his sheet everyday, for fear of him lying in crusty cotch.

Every night before bed, I refill his nappy basket and make sure that there are enough wetwipes in the dispenser for the next day. His bottles are washed and filled with the correct amount of water, his formula is dispensed into containers, and his food taken out of the freezer and into the fridge to defrost.

Now I realise that this may not sound too bad, or maybe it does, but put this together with my inability to share stationery for fear that it will never write the same again, (I swear it doesn't), having to fold my own clothes because nobody folds them like me, my colour co-ordinated spice rack and compartmentalised kitchen cupboards, as well as the need for everything to be in it's assigned place or get thrown away, I'm beginning to feel like one of those really annoying people who cannot live outside the bubble.

Let me say that I never push my organisation on anyone else, except once when I repacked my sisters baby bag because I couldn't find anything, and I don't feel the need to be perfect, I just function better this way.

So, am I Bree yet?

July 02, 2009

We have a tooth

I'm so proud of my boy. No runny tummy, no earache. We have a toothy... Yay!!!!!!!!!!!