April 06, 2009

Before the Before Pictures...

After a whole lot of internal debate, I'm going to do it! (Gulp). I'm going to post my "get my body back" pics, updates and tips. As motivation, I have posted these two pics from photo shoots that were done prior to baby and fertility drugs. This is what I'm aiming to get back to.

Now before I start, I cannot fit into either pair of pants anymore, and it's safe to say that my breasts are never going to be as small as they were, so the white top is out of the question. I have been blessed with abdominal muscles of steel, and the only thing that seems to have bounced back is my tummy, (thank you mommy), although I still have a little bit of a paunch.

The problem is my ASS. I developed this tyre of fat around my backside, hips and upper thighs during my pregnancy, so that is priority number 1. I will however, be working on my stomach, arms etc as well. I want to reiterate that this is not about kilo's lost or gained, but rather about feeling comfortable with my own body again. I want to be able to prance around in undies in front of my husband, quite frankly I'm not designed for this whole leopard crawling to avoid being looked at.

And ladies, because I love you all, I will reveal my top secret ab crunches. You're bound to have a flat stomach in 19 days of working the little buggers out this way. They hurt like hell, your body will protest, but it's so worth it in the end.

I will put the post baby pics up after Easter, because, well.... it's bound to get worse with all that chocolate around, but Wednesday next week we start the process of getting back into shape.


Mandy said...

Wow, I know this was befire the pregnancy, but I wis I looked like that!!! You are a beautiful woman, girl!!! Please share your secret.

Martie said...

Fuckit! You are hot girl!!!!

I will motivate you all the way if you promise to do the same for me in about 2/3 months??

You realy look fab and if you are going to look like that you are gonna be one hot mamma! xxx


Paula said...

Well I tell you what, lets do it together. I also want to get to that place were I am comfortable in my skin again, and I must say, looking at the poor tortured post-twin body plastic surgery has crossed my mind... Anyway, let me know what is your POA after Easter (hehe) and I will get on one too.