April 23, 2009

Baby M

Dearest Baby M,

You are a miracle, Mommy and Daddy tried for so long to have you. They asked God everyday for you and they waited for what seemed like forever.

One day Mommy woke up and didn't feel that good and Daddy decided that Mommy should have a look and see what was happening. Mommy bought a magic wand that tells you if there is a baby in her tummy. One line for no baby, two and there is. You can imagine how surprised Mommy was when her magic wand had two lines. I don't think she believed it, because she even went to the doctor to find out if it was lying, and then she went back to the doctor just in case it was all a dream. Mommy and Daddy went to see if everything was alright and to take a photo of you. I know that they will never forget the day they saw your beautiful butterfly heart beating on the screen in the doctors offices.

You've spent 9 months growing in your Mommy's belly and in your Daddy's heart, you've even grown in some of Mommy's Internet friends hearts. Mommy and Daddy have decided that it's time to meet you though. I'm asking you not to give your Mommy a hard time coming out. I know she is comfortable and cozy, but there are so many people who want to meet you. We are all going to pray that you arrive safely in Mommy and Daddy's arms and we are all going to thank God for the little miracle that you are.

Tomorrow you will be born into a world of love.

Aunty Nikki

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TjoppieM said...

That is so sweet my friend. I am in tears and cannot believe that that post is actually for me! It is unbelieveable!

Thank you so much! This mommy cannot wait to meet him! Only a coule of hours! Yippee!

I bet He is just as excited to meet aunty Nikki and Jordan and I cannot wait!

This really meant the world to me! Too special! xxx