April 16, 2009

New task

It has become abundantly clear over the short time that I have been blogging, that people take offence to certain things that have been written. As a result, many of us our too scared to express our thoughts on our own blogs, for fear of backlash. We don't know who reads the things we write and sometimes we hurt the people we care about because of that.

Because of the above I have started a separate blog, a place where anyone can post anything anonymously. Whether it be poetry, pictures, your random thoughts or just a good old rant about someone or something. You may choose to have the comments disabled for that particular post, and your name will not be published unless you specifically ask for it.

It's already set up, all you need to do is send an email to; behindourveil@gmail.com and I will publish what you have to say. It goes without saying that pornography and the like will not be accepted, but everything else goes. A disclaimer will be posted at the beginning of any content that may be offensive.

ME: with your permission I would like to post a request for anyone who needs to write, but doesn't have a blog at OPM.

Sometimes we need a special place to hide, sometimes a place to run, and sometimes a place to prove we're not insane.


Me said...

Go for it!!!! I think this is a nice idea.

By the way, does my name come up as "ME"? I thought it only did that if I viewed it, but to others it would be Eve???OMW, how do I change this?

Evelyn said...

I changed it ***she says, blushing furiously!!***

TjoppieM said...

Excellet idea! I am def going to make use of this!!! Sommer nou! Thanks girl!

TjoppieM said...

Oh stupid question...what is the blog address or am i being stupid?

S and N said...

Hahahah, you ladies make me laugh.

the address is behindourveil.blogspot.com


Mandy said...

Oh Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!
I have been in hiding about so many things because my whole freaking family and the whole of Welkom reads my blog, and they always have cruel things to say, and they all think I've gone bonkers. I just don't get why they would keep on reading my insane thoughts if they didn't like it. And one of these days I am going to be walking down the street and someone will come up to me and say "are you the One we are all skinnering about?" That's the main reason why I don't post pics of myself, but those who know me well, will know it's me if they see the pics of Rikus and Colby etc.

Well I will certainly be sending you lots of stuff to post.

Do I just e-mail them to you?

S and N said...

you can mail it to behindourveil@gmail.com or if nothing is posted within 24 hours to t.j.h@telkomsa.net

We all know how "reliable" gmail can be at times.

Small dorpie syndrome sucks, everyone knows everything, or at least they presume they do;)