May 26, 2009

Kids are psychic

I took the day off yesterday. Jordan's teeth have been causing ear and attitude problems, and I have a bout of flu. I had planned to go and see family at 10:30, knowing that he goes down for his nap between 9 and 10. This left plenty of time for me to shower and pack his day bag before he woke up. When I was still sitting around at 9:45 watching my offspring have sporadic bouts of giggling whilst playing peek - a - boo from under his duvet, I got to thinking how kids always seem to know what you've planned and always put a spanner in the works.

My Mom always said she didn't need contraceptives; she had 3 kids. The all day flirting and suggestive foreplay usually ended in nothing, with the "coupe de grande" being foiled by a teenager blasting incomprehensible music or some sibling argument of monumental, earth shattering proportions, or worse... all of the above. A family member told me how her brother had run into his parents bedroom one Sunday during nap time, jumped on his Father's back mid stride and screamed in absolute delight; "I ride horsy too". A real passion killer. Or, when I had phoned one of my friends and was told by her then 4 year old son, that Mommy was otherwise predisposed due to "Daddy talking to Mommy's mick right now". I myself have had my step son standing at our door one night when we thought he was fast asleep, extremely concerned because we were breathing far to deeply, and surely we must be ill.

Although we all sit and laugh at these situations now, one has to wonder how they knew. What 6th sense they were born with in order to somehow pick up on the impending future, and at what point they lose this ability.

Indeed, kids are born with a psychic gift, an ability to know what their parents have planned, and an acute covert ability to masterfully move between rooms without our knowledge, and like those Ninjas in corny B grade movies, appear from the corners and pounce when we least expect.

I will leave you with something my step son said once. "Ma... kids know stuff"!

May 21, 2009

I *Heart* Spur

Last night we went out to grab a burger each from Spur. Monday and Wednesday is burger night, a regular beef, chicken or rib burger for R24-95. Well, Wednesdays are also burn your bill night. One lucky table every hour or so gets their bill burnt via lucky draw.
Guess who's R225- bill was burned?
I *Heart* Spur!

May 19, 2009

Assvice please

Hi Ladies,

Some thoughts, advice etc from you please.

I am essentially a very basic woman. I don't wear makeup often, and most the time I throw my hair back into a ponytail, add some lip ice and off we go. Lately, I suppose having a baby will do this to you, I have been wanting to put more effort into my appearance. Specifically, I'd like to start applying makeup, eye shadow to be exact. But, as self critical as I am, I can't even decide what shape my eyes are in order to correctly apply the damned stuff. So here is a picture with different eye shapes, and a picture of me at yet another family/friends shoot, without any makeup. Yes I know, every photographers absolute nightmare! What shape do you think I have.

The other involves my hair.

I am a natural blond. A while back some one suggested I colour my hair dark brown, as it would bring out my blue eyes. I did, and I loved it, love it. Lately, I have been thinking of going back to blond. The problem is that if I do I will have to walk around with orange hair for a while, because the colour stripper will leave a tint of the current colours undertone. Add to this the damage that colour stripper does to your hair and I'm not so sure.

Please excuse the photo, it was a chocolate fountain, it was behind me for the entire duration of the wedding smelling like chocolaty goodness, and when it was time to tuck in, I did just that.

You can see a brunette pic above.

So what do you think?

May 18, 2009

In preparation....

In preparation for the pictures of the nursery, which is finally nearing completion, here are the before pictures. It's only taken almost the full duration of a pregnany, 8 months to get to where it is. Next time.... the nursery will be completed before the baby is conceived!

May 15, 2009

I think I've lost my mind...

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a Mom. I've dreamed of my growing belly, of feeling my baby move and grow inside me, of holding them, and smelling them, and seeing their smile. The day I received the count on my 1st beta, the Fertility Clinic told me to be prepared for twins, my husband was petrified, I was ecstatic. I must confess, I was a little disappointed when we saw one heartbeat, I asked the Doctor if he was sure there was only one baby in there. Please don't lynch me, I wouldn't trade my son for anything in the world, I just had this romantic dream of holding two babies.

I loved every second of my pregnancy, I spent so much time everyday, caressing my belly and watching it swell and grow. I eagerly followed growth mails, and read what was happening with my little one. I delighted in feeling him hiccough inside me, and loved every nudge, kick and punch. The birth was less than ideal, but I at least got to have the natural birth I longed for.

Holding my perfect little boy for the 1st time was the most amazing experience, and I know nothing will ever replace that, he didn't cry and was quite content to lay on my chest. I will never forget how he looked up at me with those beautiful eyes. He was so tiny and petite, I just couldn't believe that this little being had grown inside me, and instinctively knew that I was his Mom.
There have been rough times, but the bottom line is that he is a good baby. He doesn't fuss much, and hardly ever cries. He smiles and talks and loves everyone. I can see him grow a little more everyday and it's beautiful.

So, why have I lost my mind? Our son is barely four months old and I long to be pregnant again. There are moments where I wonder what I was thinking when I wished for it, but they are so few and far between. Jordan is all and more than I could ever ask for, but somehow my heart and body aches to be pregnant again.

Why? I really need some rational answers here, I'm at a loss.

May 14, 2009

I appreciate you need to make money, but ....

I don't know what it's like in other parts of sunny South Africa, but here in the Eastern Cape, specifically Port Elizabeth, we have a huge quantity of parking guards. Now, I'm the first to applaud people for trying to make an honest living, and I do understand that a lot of these people have completed courses and are with legitimate companies. But then you get the other bunch, those people that find themselves a luminous waste coat and hound you in every parking lot in town.

Please tell me dude with an orange waste coat, how do you know more about driving than me? In the 10 years I have been driving, I have never managed to reverse into anyone. I have three, yes count them, one, two, three, mirrors in my vehicle which help me see what is happening behind me. I have this amazing ability to turn to look and my blind spot, and see if there are any cars approaching, or reversing at the same time. I also have sensors. You see, it's this nifty little invention that picks up anything in close proximity to the back of my vehicle, and sets off an alarm inside the compartment. The closer the obstruction, the louder the noise, and the fact that you refuse to move further than 3 meters from the rear bumper of my vehicle, is making the sensors go off, extremely loud and extremely fast, thus causing me to brake, which in turn is causing a hold up in traffic. I have to tell you, I am tempted to put my car in reverse and ignore the sensors, just to see how quickly you can get out of the way. I appreciate that you have been "watching" my vehicle, but I highly doubt that out of 50 odd vehicles in this parking lot, that you would be able to pin point which one is mine. I would also like to know what you plan on doing should anyone break into my vehicle? Perhaps blow on them with your last nights booze breath? And for this you expect me to pay you? You have caused me nothing but frustration and time wastage. Seriously guy, I can drive better than you, and I promise I don't need your help!

May 11, 2009

I love it when Mommy pulls funny faces

Scroll down and see what happens.

Apparently I have a career opportunity in Comedy.

May 06, 2009

Another New Project


Please pop over to my other blog, the link is under Posts I Read Daily, Good Food, Good Wine, Good Living.....

I want to share my passion with everyone, and would love to hear some of your favourite things to eat, drink, buy, see etc.


May 04, 2009

Last Weeks Eating Plan

Mix and match as you feel fit

2 slices toast
Muesli and yoghurt

Marie biscuits

Cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwich
Open tuna sandwich
Avo on toast
Left over chicken in a green salad

As above

Roast chicken with veggies, rice and potatoes
Spaghetti bolognaise with a side salad
Pork chops, potato wedges, green salad and bean salad
Mexican beef wraps filled with beef strips, tomato, cucumber and a spicy tomato sauce
Springbuck potjie and rice
Barbeed prawns in lemon and garlic butter, barbeed baby marrow, aubergines, savoury turmeric rice
Roast leg of lamb, roast potatoes, pati pans, baby marrows, baby carrots and rice

Cocoa pancake, with pineapple and berry filling

3 cups a day (I’m so proud of me)

Water 2 litres a day

Men!....They start early

This is a morning routine. Hubby puts the little man in bed with me in the morning. When he has fed the animals and made the tea, hubby comes back to fetch him. That's when the screaming happens... he grabs onto my shoulder, or hair, whichever is closer and starts wailing. Mommy has to get up and comfort him, or the house will come down.