April 21, 2009


Ladies help me out here. I have a dilemma, one involves instant gratification, the other long term planning, both will make me equally happy.

There are two things on this planet that make me positively giddy. Cooking/entertaining and capturing memories.
My camera is in desperate need of an upgrade, it is no longer focusing and is quite literally making everything look fat, and my kitchen is circa 1960, complete with old cracking linoleum floors and open shelving cupboards. My stove and oven were replaced very quickly because the built in looked like this..........

... yes that is seriously what it looked like, these are actual photos on the day we moved in. I had reasons for almost losing my mind when we moved in, and I'm sure you will agree that I'm justified in pulling it out and throwing it away.

So my dilemma is this,

Instant gratification that I can buy tomorrow if I like


which will take at least 6 months to save up for.
HELP, I'm torn!!!!!!!!!


Evelyn said...

Well, I have a similar camera and it really is a beauty! But, that is a gorgeous kitchen!!

If i HAD to choose, I would go with the kitchen!

Mandy said...

I don't know????

Can't you have both? I would be making plans on how to afford both.... Haha

Deidre Zeuner said...

hmmmm difficult one that!

Ok lets justify this... How often do you take pictures ? At least daily I assume with that cute little baby of yours!

How often do you entertain? Sounds like often to me, you really are great at that judging by your blog...

Did I help ? No, because I have the same dilemma. If you find the answer let me know ok?(Except maybe I don't like cooking and stuff so it would be a waste for me, but is sure does look nice)

TjoppieM said...

Mmmmm...i say...go for the kitchen! But that is only cause I am a kitchen lover and a chef...but then again, imagine taking nice pics of the food you make in that kitchen?? Dammit man...thats difficult!

Pay the camera off monthly and start saving for the kitchen so long? If possible?

Good luc girl, but personally, they say everything in life that is realy good is worth waiting for?!