July 28, 2009

Amalgamated thoughts

My mind is all over the place, so please excuse the post.

There are 2 thoughts on my mind right now and they sort of relate to each other.

I am not a chick girl. Never have been, I think that my uncanny ability to say the wrong things at the wrong time tends to make other women dislike me.

Recently I have been surrounded by my Internet friends, a group of really strong, opinionated women, who don't seem to take much offence to anything. So when I met Marthie on Saturday, I was, for the 1st time in my life, quite nervous. What an amazing woman, and what a great time we had. Jayden is gorgeous, and Marthie has absolutely no airs and graces. She is what she is, take it or leave it, and that kind of genuineness is so rare today. I must say that from the moment we started chatting, I knew that meeting our other Internet friends soon, would be easy. Thanks M, I had a fantastic time, despite your run in with horrible people, next time we'll have to make sure we keep ourselves locked up in my house, with large quantities of wine.

The other thought on my mind has been my recent email to Mandy. In my defence, I warned you Mands ;) When I received no response I began to worry that I had mortally offended her. I mentally slapped my own hand everytime I read and re read the mail, wondering why I find it necessary to continually poke my nose in and pass 'judgement', for lack of a better word, when it's so much easier to keep the peace. Why would I show this side of myself to a budding friendship. Mands, thank you so much for your reply, it gave me some peace of mind that I had not completely ruined our online sisterhood, and I do think you're on the right path. I continue to be incredibly proud of you, and can't wait for that long awaited positive result. Nuff said!

Bottom line ladies, I'm not the friend you call for compliments. If that zit looks like a giant flashing light on your face, I will, in all likeliness, tell you that, if I think your ass looks fat in those jeans I'll tell you, and if you need to know whether yellow really makes you look pale, I'll tell you, you look like the Corpse Bride. Bottom line, if I looked like a blimp, I pray that some one will tell me before I go out in public, so if you need some one to go shopping with you and honestly tell you what you look like. I'm your gal. Tactfulness, you'll have to seek elsewhere!


Evelyn said...

And that is a true friend!!!!!! in my opinion anyway!

Martie xxx said...

Thanx Nix!

Was AWESOME meetig you as well and I felt exactly the same way!! Its scary hoe "easy" it was! My DH was scared u are a man or some serial killer or something seeing that we have never met! IDIOT! Needless to say after him meeting you he told me you are hot! Hehehe, you are damn hot gal!


You are a geniume friend and thank you for a great friendship that has just started and I hope it will never end! Maybe we can do the wine drinking in your house and let it be a tradition so that one day we can do so in the old age home! :)

Take care xx

Jahni said...

I love your honesty!! Chicks scare me at times too, so I feel you on that one.

Can't wait to meet you!

melanie said...

true friendship walks hand in hand with honesty! and with your Honesty, you mean no harm(I am sure)!! that is true friendship, so when are we going shopping????


Mandy said...

Nikki, Please don;t feel bad. I am the one at fault.Every time I started to write a reply somthing interrupted me or I couldn't find the right words to say what I mean. I wrote and rewrote the reply about five times. I should have replied sooner but I wanted my answer to be a true reflection of my feelings. I wasn't ofeended at all. Sorry that I made you feel bad by replying so late. It wasn;t my intention. Some of these things are just hard to describe when I can't speak to you face to face.

I can also remeber the first time Maria and I met up for coffee. It was just after I came out of hospital and my grief was still very raw, but helped a hell of a lot to finally meet someone who had been through the same thing twice before. We are great friends now and our DH's get along well.

I must admit I am also usually quite nervous when meeting people. I tend to draw back and become quiet, but I believe it will only take us about 5 minutes to thaw and then we will chatting away for hours. I believe that none of us have any hoity toity attitudes and that we can relate to each other in a way that other frineds will never understand. I am also the kind of person who says a thing like I see it, and then consider the consequences later on. I have talked myself out of many friendships before because I am to honest. I am grateful for having you as a friend, because I feel that you "see" the real me and you have a way of motivating me in ways I can't do it for myself.

I look forward to all us of meeting each other and I am very pleased and grateful that you EC girls will consider making the trip.

You are a wonderful mommy and Jordan is very lucky to have such a strong, intelligent, insightful and caring mommy. He looks like a very happy and content baby.

Fell free to e-mail me again, about anything!!


Mandy said...

I see my typing and spelling abilities have flown out the door. Sorry for that, lets just call it a special code language only we can understand. :-)

Megan said...

I would rather have a friend that is honest with me, than someone who says things just to please me. Really,honest friends are the only friends.....

Paula said...

What can I say but me too. Perhaps I am too cynical but all that giggling drives me insane! Can't wait to meet everyone too!

Mandri said...

I look up to people who can be so honest, I wish I could be that honest. So I think that you are a great friend for always telling the truth!

Zeu said...

Probably way to late on responding to this post, but here goes :

Nix, it's the essence of you, the thing that people like or even love about you. And that is the kind of thing that people look for in friendships!

Don't ever apologize for whom you are! You perfect just as you are!

Tamara said...


I hate people who just say stuff to make you happy even when they know its not true. It is such a shame I am so far away from all you girls !
Dont have ANY friends here except for all you girls ! xoxo