July 08, 2009

On the topic of anal retentiveness

I don't know how many of you are/were Friends fans, but there was an episode where Monica's cupboard was revealed. If you never saw that episode, I'll fill you in.

Monica being the absolute perfectionist that she was, had a cupboard that no one was allowed access to. By the end of the show, Chandler had opened the cupboard and the mess of goods that had been haphazardly thrown into it, came tumbling out to greet him.

My sister affectionately calls my shoe habit my Monica drawer. I have a terrible habit of leaving my shoes under my office desk and then walking through in the morning with another pair of shoes, then leaving those under my desk and so on and so forth until I eventually need one of the pairs under my desk, in which case I walk barefoot to my desk and just slip my feet into the required pair.

So my anally retentive sistas, do you have a Monica drawer, and what is it?


Mandy said...

Mine is my underwear drawer!!
I have all the nice sexy underwear and g-strings stacked neatly, because I don't wear then often and some of them don't fit anymore. But then I have the everyday underwear which I toss around everyday to find the right pair. I have some pastel coloured bikini briefs and some in white, black and flesh colors. Every day I stand there and decide whether I want to wear, white, black, baby blue, light pink, or whatever. Then I just throw the others back into the drawer. There is also one drawer in our kitchen where Rikus puts all his little "kak" things in, like spare key chains, batteries, screw drivers, bottle openers, glue, etc. Technically it is his drawer, so I take no responsibilty for it.

Kim said...

yip ... like Mandy ... my underwear drawer ...

Bel said...

Haha, that is funny. My underware draw is the neatest in my house ... Other than my t-shirt shelf, but that is more thanks to Thembi than me. The underware draw is me.

Glad everyone has quirks, I don't feel so bad now!

Paula said...

hehe... I love Friends (have the box set, miss D knows the names of all the characters - good thing??) We also have the kitchen "crap" drawer! Otherwise I suppose the garage cupboard is the Monica closet - all the crap goes in there!