August 04, 2009

Pre conceived ideas

Before I fell pregnant, and even whilst pregnant, I had pre conceived ideas on things I would never do once I was a mother. Clearly I had no clue, and I think I have learned my lesson, at least for now. Here are my top 10, (there are many more):

  1. I will NEVER breastfeed: Out came a tiny, no where near the expected 4kg baby, who was slightly prem, and dropping weight far too quickly. When we were discharged 2 and a half days later and he was a meagre 50 grams over the required discharge weight of 2kgs I decided that my body was the only thing that would nourish him. I tried, I failed dismally and to my extreme suprise, I was bitterly disappointment when the 1st bottle of formula nourished him more than I did. Having said that, number 2 will definitely not have boob. I simply cannot put another little life through the trauma and allergies Jordan experienced in those 1st few days of life, and I definitely don't think my ego can take yet another bruising.
  2. My baby will sleep in his own room from day 1: 6 months later, he moved into his room and Mommy is stilling battling to adjust, especially when I don't hear his noisiness throughout the night.
  3. I will NEVER co sleep: Pure exhaustion put and end to that one very quickly. I still admit to falling asleep whilst feeding him, only to be woken 2 or 3 hours later by my husband telling me to move him back to his bed.
  4. I will not be one of those paranoid Mommies who sterilizes everything and changes linen everyday: Um.... excuse me, I have some bottles to steam and some laundry to clean.
  5. I will not abandon my friends in pursuit of Mommyhood: Unfortunately yes, I have. My weekends are my precious moments with my son, and I value every second of those two days.
  6. I will not burst with pride at ever snot bubble blown, grin received or coo that sounds like Mamma: Read my previous posts on Jordan. Nuff said.
  7. I will not stick grown up food in my baby's mouth: Clearly I had no perception of how powerful a babies ability is to manipulate a grown ups hand.
  8. I need 1 night a month away from baby, to catch up on some much needed r & r: Alas poor Granny is still waiting for her sleep over. I can hadle borkn seepl. Promise.
  9. I can still be a sexy presentable Mother, Hollywood does it, why can't I: What I didn't bank on was a reflux baby. I cannot go 30 minutes without projectile vomit splattering me somewhere. I am thinking of bottling my scent and calling it Eau de Cotch by Jordan. Nice ring to it, no?
  10. I will never get wee'ed on. Everyone can see when a boy baby needs to wee: Not so I tell you. As in adult life, that teeny tiny winky has a mind of it's own. Sometimes it just sneaks up on you and catches you in the eye.

No I've told you mine. Please tell me yours in a separate blog post. I'd love to hear from the Mommies in waiting and the Mommies to be as well. May be interesting to go back on your lists and see which of yours have been changed by your bundle of joy.


Martie xxx said...

Lol, that is so funny!

I will def do that! Could be interesting!

Well done on the moving out bit! Atleast you did it! Well done mommy!


Karien said...

Haha, Nix, you are so funny! And I can see you are hadleing borkn seepl just fine and dandy...

By the way, go check out my blog, I have given you a (much deserved!) award!!

Megan said...

Great post Nix, always interesting to see our perceptions change. I also have a long list of "i would never let him do this" but as you have proved, their ways does seem to take over. (one of mine is DEFINITELY I WILL NEVER LET HIM WEAR THOSE SPIDERMAN OUTFITS, GROSS!!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER WILL I LET HIM PUT ON OF THOSE, EVER. Let's see if i can stick to my guns when my boy is old enough to make up his own mind :-)

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