July 20, 2009

Taking the Last of Me Back

There are two things I have put on hold since Jordan was conceived. The one is due to pure laziness and the other is a rather embarrassing condition.

From tomorrow, I will be starting gym again. Although I am at my regular weight and maintaining it with no effort, I have found that my ass is not quite where it should be, and to be entirely honest, I will do ab crunches until the cows come home, because it's easy for me. My bum on the other hand has always been a problem area and I HATE doing those exercises. So off to gym and onto the bike and orbital trainer to get the 'ol derier back into shape.

The other is my sweating problem. I sweat under my arms BAD. That's why you'll never see me wear anything but white or a dark colour top in any photos whilst pregnant or now. Granted, I have found some fabrics that don't show sweat marks and I treasure those tops. I have a medicated deodorant that requires you to put it on at night and wash it off in the morning. The problem... it could strip paint off of walls, and the prospect of accidentally transferring it from under my arms onto Jordan's head when I feed him at night terrifies me. Having said that, I will put a long sleeve tracksuit top on every time I feed him at night so as not to transfer anything onto him. That starts tonight.

I need to start feeling like a woman again, and not just like a mommy, and these are the last two things that will get me back to womanhood.

Is there anything you've given up or still have to reclaim?


melanie said...

my body! feels like I am trapped in this post baby body! good luck with the gym!xx

Martie xxx said...

Good luck with the gym girl! I need to get my ass there as well! Im just too busy and dont want to leave J! Hehe good excuse!

As for nr.2. DH has the same thing, but hectic!! I got him the same medicated stuff, but doesnt work! (if its the same!)

I now want him to shave it all off under his arms and then go for injections. I heard it really works! Kinda like botox under arms!

Dunno the price though! Arrrrgggggg.

Good luck babe and KUP on the shrinkage!

Martie xxx said...

Oh yes, what i want back.

Obviously my body. Not only pre preg, but pre hormone treatment!

My wedding body! I was TIIIINNNYYY!

And then I also want my sex life back. It is kinda non existant. Yes, it happens like 3 times a week but to me its non existant. I just do it and thats that...

I also want to start cooking again. Im a professional chef (Ja, can u believe it)and i seriously never make anything anymore. Only easy peezy boerekos!

You have now motivated me!

Kim said...

I will also have to say my body ...

I'm also hitting the gym soon ...

good luck Nix

Mandy said...

I saw on Dr 90210 that botox is very efficient in solving the sweating problem. I also had it bad as a teenager, but it went away by itself. Perhaps you should find out about the botox? Appareantly it has to be done every 6 months.
I definitely want my bladder back, since the labour I cannot hold it in for too long, and off course I want my body back. I also want that innocence back of not knowing how painful labour can be.

Mandri said...

I used tissue salts for my sweat problem when I was still in school, it helped as I have never had the problem again.

Phone the tissue salts hotline, they will direct you to the right product!