July 07, 2009

Organised or overly annoying?

I need order in my life, but lately I am beginning to wonder whether I resemble some strange Bree van der Kamp clone, organising and reorganising my life? I'm going to let you in on a few of my little quirks when it comes to Jordan, you decide.

I pack his baby back in sequence.

Bottles on either side, Prodol and various other required 'meds' in the upright pouches.
A change of clothes are put at the bottom of the bag, then his nappies, wetwipes and I never travel without a disposable changing mat to put on those icky supermarket baby chairs.
In the front pouch are his 'spoegdoekies' and his face wetwipes as well as his teething dummy which is kept in a washable pouch. In the back pouch, his food in a Tupperware container and a spoon in a Ziplock bag. If we're going out and he needs to bath, I bring a separate bag for his wet towel, face cloth and dirty clothes.

I cook all his meals on a Sunday morning while I'm making breakfast for the family. Each meal is stored in a container which gets frozen. Green for apples, yellow for bananas, blue for porridge and pink for night time veggies.

His cupboards are packed with bibs, vests, hats and scarfs and PJ's in one drawer. Day clothes in the other drawer. Receiving blankets in the next drawer down and clothes that are too big for him in the bottom drawer. In the opening cupboard are his towels and face cloths, spoegdoekies and fleece blankets and comforters. Each item is rotated and clean items are put at the bottom of the pile.

I change his sheet everyday, for fear of him lying in crusty cotch.

Every night before bed, I refill his nappy basket and make sure that there are enough wetwipes in the dispenser for the next day. His bottles are washed and filled with the correct amount of water, his formula is dispensed into containers, and his food taken out of the freezer and into the fridge to defrost.

Now I realise that this may not sound too bad, or maybe it does, but put this together with my inability to share stationery for fear that it will never write the same again, (I swear it doesn't), having to fold my own clothes because nobody folds them like me, my colour co-ordinated spice rack and compartmentalised kitchen cupboards, as well as the need for everything to be in it's assigned place or get thrown away, I'm beginning to feel like one of those really annoying people who cannot live outside the bubble.

Let me say that I never push my organisation on anyone else, except once when I repacked my sisters baby bag because I couldn't find anything, and I don't feel the need to be perfect, I just function better this way.

So, am I Bree yet?


Bel said...

Oh wow you sound amazing! When I grow up I want to be you!

Mandy said...

It sounds so familiar. Are you sure you are not talking about my house? I also feel the need for everything to be exactly as I want it to be. It's not perfect but when something is out of place I get very very annoyed. Poor Agnes can't understand it sometimes. I also pack out all the groceries myself for fear of it not being put away to my standards.
I know I make life difficult for myself, but it's actually easier for me that way.

Mandri said...

I really wish I was like that!

Martie xxx said...

HAHAHAHAHA, that sounds like me! My baby bag is EXACTLY the same! It freaks me out if it is not in packed correctly or if i leave him with my mom and then it is ALL WRONG! I turn it upside down and do it all again before I leave her house! lol! Everything has its place dammit! As for the house...My fu*@ing diningroom table....my DH thinks it is a STASH pot. He puts all his kak there and then I ahve to sort it out. So every night i make piles of courier slips, stationary, keys and rubbish. I pack it neatly and colour coded and then in the morning...he starts again! I am gonna loose it!!!!!!!!!

Glad ur the same!

Nikki said...

Hahahahaha, sounds like the top of our filing cabinet M, he uses it for everything and bloody sundry, I want to murder him when I see it!!!!