June 28, 2009

I dreamt last night

I have never been one to believe in prophecy, I believe that although God guides us, we create our own destiny, but last night I had a dream.

I penned a letter to one of my IF sisters. It was one of those dreams, where some details are incredibly clear, and other were not. I couldn't see who the letter was addressed to, but was sure that it was me that was writing it. I woke before the letter was signed, with tears in my eyes, yet I was not sad, but full of joy. I felt compelled to record my dream, got up and walked to the kitchen, on my grocery list, I wrote;


Today the angels in heaven sing, because your heart is filled with joy...

I signed the letter off, "always in admiration", and although I had a strong urge to date it September, I dated it 2010. I began reading the letter and I knew who it was for, I filled in her name.

Dear Mandy-Leigh,
Sometime very soon, I will be writing you a letter for the birth of your son. He will be strong and healthy, and when you look at him, you will know that you were never forsaken. You will look into his eyes and know how much God has always loved you, and you will have peace.


TjoppieM said...


I sure hope it comes true... im praying for ML!!!


Paula said...

I knew it was for her! I have the same strong sense of peace for her. I think we will be very nearly as glad as she and her hubby will be, when that day comes! xoxo

Mandy said...

Aaaaawwwww, you made me cry.
Thank You so much that is exactly what I needed. I have been questioning ever becoming a paernt lately and I really needed to hear that, to get my hope back.
You are a very dear friend Nikki and I look forward to meeting you some day. I feel that our friendship is more than just an internet connection and that we will remaqin friends for many years to come.

Thank you also to Varktjop and Paula for your ownderful comments. You are all very dear to my heart and I cherish you girls so much.

Mandri said...

Wow Nikki! What a incredible dream!

May this come true very soon!

Jahni said...

Wonderful. Cannot wait to meet M-L's beautiful baby boy.