June 10, 2009



I hopped onto the torture me now, um I mean scale yesterday for entertainment value. I figured the day couldn't get any worse.

And....... I am back to my pre fertility treatment and pre pregnancy weight. Happy, dance, happy, dance!!!!!!

The tummy is flat again, the bum still needs some work, but all in all I am starting to become a little happier with my appearance. (Gasp, shock and horror... she's happier with her body)?


Tamara said...

Wooohooo ! Congratulations my friend !

Hope852 said...

Yippideedoodaa!!! Sounds promising - I'm coming to you for tips after I've had baby

Well done!!

Mandri said...

Well done! That is excellent!


TjoppieM said...

wooooohooooooo! Happy happy!!!

Well done my friend! Now go buy a new outfit and celebrate it!

I am JEALOUS!!! I need lotsa work, but im just not in the mood?!?!?! I am not eating at all and not loosing weight, but i will start next week! EEK! xxx

Mandy said...

That is bloody unfair! I am writing a letter of complaint to the wight gain authorities right now! You skipped the que!

Evelyn said...

Wow! That is awesome Nix! Congrats!!!!!!

Deidre Zeuner said...

Well Done! Just goes to show you Mommyhood doesn't need keep you from having your old kick-@ss body back..

You go girl.