June 17, 2009

I am 5 months old

I've hijacked Mommy's blog today. I thought you would all like to know how big I am, and the interesting things I have learned in the last few weeks.
Mommy says I have found my voice. I don't think I have, I just don't only use it for crying anymore. I love to have conversations with people, especially at 4:00am. Usually Mommy doesn't talk back, but last night she said that it's high time I move into my own room now. Strange story to tell at that time in the morning don't you think?

I can roll over onto my tummy, but I much prefer it if Mommy does it for me. I can even do a worm crawl. Mommy keeps telling me I need to go forwards, but backwards it far more interesting.
Mommy added bananas to my diet this month. I love them, but Mommy keeps wanting to add other things like mash and butternut. Gross! I'll just stick to my apples and bananas thanks Mom.
Daddy told Mommy she needs to cool it with all the toys she's been buying me. I don't know why, I love my new playgym and foam balls, they're so much fun. Mommy also bought me a book, but I'm not too sure what to do with it, it doesn't taste very nice and it doesn't make a noise.

Daddy is convinced that I am going to be a playa, I love ladies and I flash them my best smile every time I see a new one. I just love talking to the till ladies when Mommy goes shopping.
Did you know that I have toes? They're so new and interesting! Daddy told me he wishes he could go back to the days when he could put his toes in his mouth, but Mommy doesn't find it very funny when I do it and she's trying to dress me after bath. I also found out that I have places on my tummy that make me laugh. When I'm bored, I wiggle my fingers on my tummy and laugh really loud. Everybody says it's too cute, I just think it's funny.

Here are some photos for you lovely ladies.

You can see I got a little bit thin when I was sick.

Until next month.
Lots of love,


Deidre Zeuner said...

You really are such a cutie! Time really does fly.. One of these days little man you going to surprise your beautiful mom with a tooth.. Just remember not to bite to hard when she sticks her finger in your mouth!

Such a cutie, continue to give your Mommy the joy of having you! Oh, and tell Dad you can NEVER have enough toys ok?

Lots of hugs and kisses..

Evelyn said...

He is so gorgeous!!!!!

Paula said...

Gorgeous clever boy!

Hope852 said...

Awwww Nix what a cute little post!!! And what a cute little man!! I know what you mean about buying too much. I kept buying shes for Morgan when she was a baby to the point that hubby would bring friends into the room to show them her shoe collection hehehe - and I'm guilty of doing it again ... its started !!
So what - with Mommy's, buying stuff for babies makes them happy and when mommies are happy babies are happy :o)

Hope852 said...

That was supposed to read "shoes" - sorry I have had no sleep :o(

Mandri said...

He is adorable!

Mandy said...

Dear Jordan

You are the most handsomest young man I have ever seen!! You better listen to your mommy real well because she is one wise lady!

Keep up with you learning!

Your mother in Law

Kim said...

awww such a cute post ...

thanks for sharing Jordan ...

TjoppieM said...

Hi Jordan!

Coooooool, i wish I had toes! Maye I will grow a few someday and also be able to taste them! Mmmmm...i sure hope so! Bananas and apples, what are those? I nly like my milk and moms boob, that is enough for me!

You look so sexy, I know im also a boy and shouldnt say sexy, but you are - SERIOUSLY! And, one day we will go chase all these ladies' gals that our mommies have made friends with! Aunty Paula has 3! Wow! I will be your playa buddy!

My mom says you are adorable and cannot wait to meet you! She says tat you are super cute and she wants to tickle your tummy to see what noises comes out of that mouth!

Keep up the learning so that you can teach me ok buddy?!



Bel said...

Tee hee what a lovely post, as always lately it brought tears to my eyes!

Just too gorgeous!

Karien said...

Dear, sweet Jordan,

I am so glad you hi-jacked mommy's blog, I really loved reading all about what you are up to (in your very own words, no less! Don't tell mommy, but I think you are a better blogger than she is, hehe!). You are such a handsome young lad... Too bad my daughter is a little old for you, you are going to make some mother-in-law very happy one day!

It's really good that you like your apples and bananas, keep on eating them, but every once in a while, do try some mash and butternut too! You'll be amazed how it builds big strong muscles.

Tell daddy that you can never, ever, EVER have too many toys and tell mommy to keep 'em coming!! As for the book: you'll know soon enough what to do with it and then you are going to become even MORE clever than you already are. Can you even imagine that?

I am happy to hear that you are feeling better, I hope those silly old bugs that made you sick stay away for ever and ever! Tell mommy that she must really take pictures of you every single day and share them with us, because you are growing sooooo fast!!!

Take care of your mommy and give her big hugs and kisses, she is one very special lady!

Lots of love,

Aunty Karien & Shevaughn