May 21, 2009

I *Heart* Spur

Last night we went out to grab a burger each from Spur. Monday and Wednesday is burger night, a regular beef, chicken or rib burger for R24-95. Well, Wednesdays are also burn your bill night. One lucky table every hour or so gets their bill burnt via lucky draw.
Guess who's R225- bill was burned?
I *Heart* Spur!


Evelyn said...

Oh wow! I never knew that!! Yay for a free meal! Love Spur!

TjoppieM said...

Lucky you! Thats great!

Is that "your" spur only?


Mandri said...

Thats nice! Lucky you!

Karien said...

Lucky fish, I'm jealous!! xx

Hope852 said...

Yummy - wonder if my spur in Margate does that?

Tamara said...

Lucky Girl ! I <3 Free food :D