May 19, 2009

Assvice please

Hi Ladies,

Some thoughts, advice etc from you please.

I am essentially a very basic woman. I don't wear makeup often, and most the time I throw my hair back into a ponytail, add some lip ice and off we go. Lately, I suppose having a baby will do this to you, I have been wanting to put more effort into my appearance. Specifically, I'd like to start applying makeup, eye shadow to be exact. But, as self critical as I am, I can't even decide what shape my eyes are in order to correctly apply the damned stuff. So here is a picture with different eye shapes, and a picture of me at yet another family/friends shoot, without any makeup. Yes I know, every photographers absolute nightmare! What shape do you think I have.

The other involves my hair.

I am a natural blond. A while back some one suggested I colour my hair dark brown, as it would bring out my blue eyes. I did, and I loved it, love it. Lately, I have been thinking of going back to blond. The problem is that if I do I will have to walk around with orange hair for a while, because the colour stripper will leave a tint of the current colours undertone. Add to this the damage that colour stripper does to your hair and I'm not so sure.

Please excuse the photo, it was a chocolate fountain, it was behind me for the entire duration of the wedding smelling like chocolaty goodness, and when it was time to tuck in, I did just that.

You can see a brunette pic above.

So what do you think?


TjoppieM said...


I wish I looked like that! Yu have one lucky husband! WOW!

Anyway - I am useless when it comes to these things, so I am taking a wild guess. I think (after staring for minutes) that you have the Almond ones? Top Right? You have DAMN nice eyebrows by the way! They are shaped so nicely! NO I AM NT HITTING ON YOU MY FRIEND, just mentioning! :-)

Hair - Ok, is it you in he middle? I cant even tell with the major difference? I think the blond is damn nice! The brunette is also nice as that is how I "got to know you". But a change is always good so go for it! I say - go blonde!

Hope you can reach a dicision! Glad im not you!

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted ok!

Evelyn said...

Definatley the almond shape eyes!!!!

Not that you need to glam yourself up!!!!

Nikki said...

Nope, that's me, mouth open with the chocolate marshmellow about to be devoured. Hahahahahahaha, I don't care it was sooooooooooooooo yummy!

TjoppieM said...

Hahaahaha, looks lekker!! Ja, go blonde! xxx

Hope852 said...

Hi Nix

I agree - definately the almond shape eyes and btw you look absolutely stunning without make-up!!! Why don't you try a couple of blonde highlights first? Surely that won't cause too much damage?

Good luck on your decision - either way Im sure you'le look gorgeous

Paula said...

Well re make-up, I'd say the best is to try out the different looks and see what you like best. I looove my make-up, have not gone a single day without it and I mean day 1 post c/section included! LOL! I am also a blonde, and although I love your dark look to, I'd say go for blond!

Hazel said...

I agree with the almond eye shape, but you really are a natural beauty so I wouldn't put to much make up on - I think it'll hide you're natural looks. You're very lucky! May use a VERY light offwhite/peach colour and just apply it to your brown bone, blend it nicely with a light brown and then line your top lid with a liquid liner! You've got such nice colour eyes' you can use a brown to enhance the blue or even a lavendar (but a very soft lavendar) to bring out the violet... if you want a less fuss look - I think you'd actually just look stunning lining your top lid right next to the lashes with a liquid liner and then curling your eyelashes and putting on a good quality mascara and some lipgloss - try the mabelline shinylicious in caramella...

As for your hair, I think the brown looks stunning but you could always spice it up a little with some nice highlights?