March 03, 2009


Our little man had his injections yesterday. I'm sure I now know what it feels like to be a prison guard, walking a man to death row. Pretend all is fine, smile and make funny faces, all the time knowing that pain is about to be inflicted.

He is sore, sad, feverish and generally unhappy with life.... and I feel responsible.

Now we wait to do it all again in 4 weeks

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Martie said...

Oh my friend. That is terrible. I cannot imagine how you must feel! I am dreading those injections and i will DEFINETALY be sending DH to have them done! I really hope Jordan feels better soon so that Mommy can feel better.

I have heard about giving them panado drops a hour before the injections and my mom swears by Vicks right after the injection as they pull the needle out. She says it worked well, so take some with next time round in your handbag and see?! Shame man, good luck girl! xx