February 28, 2009

A New Year, A New Life, A New Look

Hi All,
You will notice that I have changed the look of my blog. I figured since I was back at work on Monday, (moan), we are in 2009, (my year of changes), and we have our new life to celebrate, I could do with a change in scenery.
So, here are some picture of our little man, 1 month along. Jordan is doing amazingly, has put on a kilo and is ready for his 6 week injections, (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK)!
PS: I do solomnly swear to update my blog at least every 2nd day this year.
4 weeks old
Look how much I've grown
Finally graduated to my "big" bed
Precious little angel
Holding Daddy's finger
Please don't take ANOTHER photo


Martie said...

Ag Mommy! He is adorable! I just really want my boy now that I am looking at your pics. You look FAB! Wow! Your man is growing nicely! Enjoy him and YIPPEE for a more updated blog! lol xxx

Anonymous said...

Nix, he is gorgeous! Well done Mommy!


Natalie said...

He has grown! Since seeing him last! Wow!

Must pop around again soon