March 31, 2009


So I'm contemplating a post. I need motivation to get my body back to tip top shape. I was thinking of posting a pic of myself, in a bikini to look back and see how far I've come while trying to get back into shape.

But! Here is the problem.
  1. I have always had a really bad self image. I don't like what I see in the mirror, ever, and I have to work really hard to stay positive.
  2. What if someone has something nasty to say?
  3. I don't like people saying you don't need to do anything, you're perfect the way you are. I know when I feel comfortable in my clothes and when I don't.
  4. This is not really about weight, but rather about toning the flabby bits. What happens if I don't see an improvement, will I spiral into another I hate my body discussion with myself?

So ladies, I really need your opinion here, do I do the post and follow up with pics and tips on what I've been doing to get back into shape, or do I leave it and continue to hope that my body will do what it did in my teens and jump back into shape?


Mandy said...

Hi Nix

Please Please Please post some tips and some pics. I have major flab to conquer. And I have lots of stretchmarks, but I think I am gonna have to make friends with them becuase they aren't planning on disappearing soon!

Me said...

I say do it! It will motivate you more to keep to the plan,and set your blog the way Martie has, where she monitors people's comments.

Martie said...

Hi babes! DO IT!! I know it will be one way to motivate yourself and I will definetaly join you when my babes is here! I will also do it!

You are seriously motivated already seeing that Jordy is still so tiny and you are already making a plan!