March 26, 2009

The Votes are In

It seems that either;
  1. Men are as shallow as we think, and will say anything to get into our pants.
  2. They actually do like us far more before we put make up on and get self critical.
  3. They like us in the morning because we haven't opened our mouths yet to moan about anything.

Personally, I think that it's number 3.


Mandy said...


I also asked DH and he said I look the most sexy when we are on the job!! Can you believe it??? He then tired to play it safe by adding that it's the way I look him in the eye. Bad save if you ask me!!! I think it's the most honest answer I'll get out of him though...

S and N said...

That's hysterical!

Martie said...

I 3!!! I asked hubby infront of the stove and he said - right now baby, lets go! WHATEVER! I am 36 weeks preggo and thats the last thing i want! Mmmmm...maybe combination of 1 and 3! GREAT question babes!