February 23, 2010

Surgery, Infections and throat closing?

D day today. My husband goes in for his biopsies, scopes and maybe another drain. We took the dressing off yesterday, he was complaining of immense pain. Not a pretty sight, and it's safe to say there is a pretty nasty infection around his original drain incision.

In other news, did you know that stress can manifest itself by making you feel like you're being strangled? I didn't, now I do, and I refuse to take the sleeping tablets our GP prescribed because I have a house, and a business to run, and a baby to wake up for, and a life to live.

Thank you all for your wonderful messages.

Today's step, making it past surgery.


Melanie said...

I am praying that all goes well today, I am praying that God will him completely!!
Thinking of you! HUGS xx

Evelyn said...

All 3 of you are in my thoughts hun. Please let me know if there is anything I can do
x x x

Marie-L said...
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Marie-L said...

Hey Nix

Praying so hard for you and your family, you are constantly in our thoughts. Thanks for keeping us updated when it's so hectic there.

You know when you just had Jordan and everyone tells you to relax and sleep when baby sleeps? The same applies now, try to rest as much as possible so you can keep your strength up, many of the stuff that seems urgent can actually wait.

Lots and lots of hugs for you!

Tamara said...

Praying for you and your family my friend. We are here for you.

HUGS xxx

wabmaster said...
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Rentia said...

Hope all went well.


Hope852 said...

Hey my friend

You and your very special family are always in my prayers girl - and in Kaylah and Morgan's prayers too.


Megan said...

oh nix, thinking of you day and night. This must be so hard for you, i wish there was something i can do or say to make it better.

Praying that you will get strength to maintain those things you need to and to be there for DH and Jordy.

you are a courageous women


Daniel said...

I really liked your blog, found a lot of new.
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Ms.Mara said...

I am a fairly new 'blogger' and recently came across your blog. I truly hope that you and your family are doing well, and hope you don't mind that I have added a comment. My family has been through a lot too, and I just want you to know that even from half way around the world someone is wishing you the best.

My friend (also another blogger) recently added a song to her blog. It's called 'Your Hands' by JJ Heller, and I think you may like it. It meant a lot to me, perhaps you will like it too.

here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpSJysXQz18

Anonymous said...

Dear Niki
I am here from Sharon's website. I know that there are no good words in this situation. Please know that I am so, so sorry for what you and your family are currently having to face.
Praying for strength for you.