February 11, 2010

What Happened?

I've not wanted to write lately because I feel utterly lost and disillusioned.

It seems the whole world has been turned on its head. Where good people suffer and bad people prosper.

At what point did bad people earn more, obtain jobs, win money and live a generally happy life? While good, honest, hardworking people are made to sit and suffer, financially and emotionally. Where children fast their favourite foods in a bid to get God to answer their Mom and Dad's prayers for financial salvation, not through wealth, but through the sale of their home. Where women who have endured the unthinkable loss of their babies, have to watch other women who don't want children, fall pregnant everyday. When an educated, loving women has to endure the abuse of wealthy children everyday to earn a salary, far below what she is worth, and to somehow scrape the last cent to live.

I don't know. Something is seriously amiss in the world today. I feel that the obtainable is no longer, because I refuse to be anything less good than what I am.


Adéle said...

I ask that same thing every day. It's sad. Life is hard and so unfair at the best of times.

Martie xxx said...

Very true, i have not thought of that in a while. You opened my eyes again.

Why, why why why why...

I dont think we will ever know, but it pisses me off. It is unfair and I hope that times will change and that it will happen soon. It breaks my heart.