August 14, 2009

Soulful Child

7 months.
I can bearly comprehend where time has gone,
and I never knew how much one human being could love another, until you were born.

The nurses couldn't stop commenting on how old fashioned you were.

One of them called you a 'pasgebore baba'.

As you get older, I can see what they meant,
there is so much soul in your eyes.
Such wisdom...

Happy 7 months my boy,
I love you with every fibre of my being.


Martie xxx said...

Happy 7 months Jordan!!!!!

I cannot believe time has gone sooo quickly!

He is the most gorgeous thing ever!


Evelyn said...

Happy 7 months!!!!

Karien said...

Happy 7 months my handsome future son-in-law! Take care of your mommy! (Nix, I absolutely love the second to last pic, he is sooooo gorgeous!!)

Zeu said...

Woot woot! 7 months already! Happy 7 months Little Man :D

Paula said...

Jinks! 7 months this side too! We are going to have one enormous party come January! But seriously Nix, congrats on a lovely precious son!

Mandri said...

Happy 7 months Jordan!

Hope852 said...

Wow - I remember just starting to read your blog before you had Jaden - where has the time gone? He is so precious

Megan said...

Happy happy 7 months Jordy, may you bring your mommy even more joy and happiness as you grow older.


Jahni said...

Beautiful boy! Hope you bring mommy and daddy tonnes more blessings!