March 15, 2010

Two Weeks After Diagnosis

Dear Jordan,
This past week has been spent making arrangements for our trip to Mozambique and finding out all the necessary precautions we’ll have to take while travelling with someone who is sick. It’s a bit harrowing to think that something could go wrong in a foreign country, but all things considered we are very close by air to Johannesburg. Dad needs to live this dream of his and the fresh air, white beaches and turquoise seas will do just that I’m sure.

On Friday, we were surprised by Granny, and our friends, Aunties Marthie, Karien and Jahni. I knew they had arranged for you to sleep at Granny and Grumpy’s house, but we never expected this.

Granny desperately tried to set up quickly, but you were having none of it, and insisted on moving the candles around and eating the flowers. Dad and I realized just how incredibly blessed we are to have people like these in our lives. You spent that night at your Grandparents, and Dad and I spent the night eating, talking, eating, watching movies and eating some more. It was truly wonderful.

Family day we bought you some bubbles and various wands, in hopes that you would be thoroughly enchanted,
but your fascination lasted about this long,

before something else peaked your interest.

You were quite content to allow Dad and Greg to continue playing with your bubbles,

while Natalie and I watched you go off to do a little adventuring,
bird watching,
Garden cleaning,

and of course avo picking.
Yet again, you couldn’t get them off the tree and between you and the dogs, the poor tree will have produced 50 fruit and yielded none. You pleaded with me to help you, at first you tried the non subtle approach, of stamping your feet and crying,
and then decided to try the begging approach.
Finally something caught your attention at the bottom of the garden
You stood there for ages, wagging your little finger and hand talking to that bush. It took me back to the days when I believed wholeheartedly that there were faeries and gnomes in the forests at Hogsback. We will take you this year to see those forests and to play in the snow. I still believe that that Hogsback is the most magical place on earth.

Part of me hurts so deeply that you will not know your Dad intimately, that he will not be able to raise you physically, but another part of me is glad that you will be spared this part of our families journey and that you will see these times, the happy ones, and know that you are loved.

All our love forever and always,
Dad and Mom


Sharon said...

Your strength during what must be a scary and painful time is inspiring! And I love how you are,in spite of everything, trying to find the brigt side, on how your son will be spared this.

Charnè said...

what beautiful friends you have in your life

you are such a strong woman, wife and mommy

i pray that you have a wonderful time in mozambique

Jahni said...

Love you lots. I think the diary is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to have some alone time with Syd - nice one ladies who orangised it ;)

Thinking of you guys and praying for you every day.


Kim said...

You are a remarkable woman ... so strong and supportive ... and doing this for Jordan is a very good idea ...


Martie xxx said...

I LOVE YOU LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME MY FRIEND!!!! You are soooo special to me!!! you mean the world to me and I think a little dinner will never ever explain how much you mean to me!

cant wait to see you next week and Damn but Jordna is just getting Sexier and sexier!!! in 16 years time I might just trade Craig in... lolololol.

That hair Mommy! He is just edible!!!!

Landie said...

you are one truely amazing woman!!

sally21c said...

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