January 28, 2009

Finally an Update

Finally, I have some time for an update, and what an update...

My final belly shot is below. At 37 weeks and 3 days, at 16:47 our baby boy decided to make his entrance. After 16 & a 1/2 hours of labour, Jordan was born, happy, healthy and weighing in at 2.52kg's.

We are all doing so well, and feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing gift in our lives. News on the nursery, (or lack thereof) will follow soon.

37 week belly shot, 3 days before our son made his appearance
Contractions and heartbeat just before push time

Our beautiful baby boy enters the world, weighing 2.52kgs and healthy

Some time with Mamma2 days old


Tjoppie said...

Ag mamma! That is amazing! He is the cutest little thing ever! I LOVE the pic where he made his appearance! He looks adorable! I cannot wait to meet him! We will have to meet up when baby Martin with no name arrives! xxx P.S. YOU LOOK STUNNING!

Natalie said...

It's about time - was going to have to drive over and force you to sit at the pc to update!

See you tomorrow for the 2 x parties! Yay!

Can't wait to see how the little guy has grown...


Martie said...

Where is the new update i was promised???????

Martie said...