September 02, 2008


Well, it's quieter this week let me update.
You guessed it, the lounge is not yet done, I'm beginning to get a little short tempered with this whole lot, but this time there is a very good reason...

My sensitive sinuses started acting up, REAL bad! We decided that the little savings we had put away to complete the lounge had to go into getting the trees being cut down before they were in full bloom, and before the cheerful spring birds made their nests, (I would have lived with the allergies, I can't kill baby birds). So, the tree fellers arrived bright and early last week and began cutting the culprits down. Syd in his infinite wisdom decided to ask the fellers to get rid of the foliage and cut the branches into smaller logs to keep for braai wood. Aha!!!!

There is a LOT of wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the whole reason for my long winded rambling is this..... South Africans are curious by nature and so many of our "neighbours" stopped to find out what was going on. Um.... in case you hadn't noticed, we're cutting down trees. Ja, you see that chainsaw, you see the tree falling, you see the the loading of the foliage, the now completely open house, where once before you couldn't see the front at all, WE'RE CUTTING DOWN TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since there was no need before, we had no lace curtains on the windows, now with every person driving down our street and slowing to try and figure out what is different, we had to get something. So Sunday was spent hanging new curtain rails, goodbye, circa 1960's cream painted plummets and horrid rusted metal hooks, hello decent curtain rails and properly hung curtains.

Added to the whole trees and curtains indaba is the fact that my poor dedicated husband painted the last coat on lounge floor, only to have a section of 1 x 2 meters left after the paint was finished. No problem, go out buy some more studio paint, same colour, different batch. Paint the floor, floor dries....... Different colour. EXPLETIVES!!!!!!! He has however promised me that weather permitting, he will complete the floor, in the new colour, this weekend. We'll see, I have no expectations, I'm done hoping....

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