September 16, 2008

House Update

We had unbelievably good weather this weekend, no excuse not to do anything on the house.

Syd completed the floor last week, one colour, monotone, no bits in a different colour, you catching my drift here. It looks spectacular. So this weekend hubby got to work on renovating the skirtings, a perfect excuse for me to sit in the sun a little and get rid of the pastiness that is me. He has really done such an amazing job sanding them down and rebuilding the bits that need to be rebuilt. Hopefully next weekend we can paint them and stick, I don't know the technical term, them to the wall. From there it's the curtain rail and my new furniture and the lounge is finally done.

In hindsight, (I love that word), perhaps our initial time frame was a little on the idealistic side. Here's what we've done so far.

1. Removed horrid rotten carpets, complete with mould and puke stain.
2. Sanded down putrid nicotine stained cream walls.
3. Removed rotten cornices, some of which were stuck on with double sided tape.
4. Removed skirtings.
5. Broken down funny looking alcove wall.
6. Filled the hole in the wall, (no not the South African attraction, the other hole in the wall).
7. Ripped out part of the ceiling.
8. Replastered bits and pieces where the plaster no longer felt compelled to be bonded to the underlying bricks.
9. Moved the front door.
10. Replaced the back door, (not part of the plan until it fell off one night).
11. Repainted the entire lounge.
12. Replaced part of the ceiling.
13. Repainted the ceiling.
14. Painted the floor, 4 times!!!
15. Put in new plugs in another room where they had to chop holes into the lounge wall.
16. Replastered, filled and painted holes that electricians made when putting new plugs in other room.
17. Changed all the relevant light fittings.
18. And finally sorted out the skirtings.

Perhaps we should have decided on 6 months and not 1...

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