August 14, 2008


Well, South Africa, or at least the Eastern Cape seems to have decided that spring should come early this year. It's been moderately warm, which is fantastic for me because I HATE the cold. If I could live somewhere warm and balmy all year round, I would be a very happy camper. Unfortunately we have to enormous trees outside the front of our house. This of course means that absolutely no sun gets to the house and it stays freezing cold. Added to this is the fact that because spring has come early, the enormous trees are sprouting flowers... not good for my sinuses. So, next week the big trees come down, and glorious sun will stream into my home.

Anyway... the fantastic news. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Monday. Emma Jade was born via C Section at 13:27. Mom and baby are doing very well. She is absolutely gorgeous. I am always so astounded at the beauty of a tiny baby, the absolute perfection. It is irrefutable proof that God exists.

My news... The Down Syndrome scan went extremely well. The little one is proving to be a lot like it's mom, permanently munching on something. In baby's case, the umbilical cord... which apparently tastes very good, because every subsequent scan has resulted in a good 'ol munching session. We also found out that we will be adding another BOY to our family. My poor husband is obviously destined to father boys, I think God in his infinite wisdom knows that he just wouldn't know what to do with a little girl.

The lounge is just about down, skirtings need to go on and curtains hung, and then my handy man husband will make the relevant furniture. Hopefully in just 2 short weeks I can post some before and after pictures of our lounge.

Will keep you all posted.


Tjoppie said...

WoooooohooooO!!! Team blue!!! Congrats friend! Hehehe, guess what - you are getting hand me downs from me! lol, these kids grow too fast!

I am so hapy that everything went well and that your baby boy is healthy and munching away!! All the best for the long wait untill the next one!

So, once the lounge is finished its time fo rthe baby room?? Atleast you now know it is blue!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister on the birth of her daughter!

And whoo hoo for your son! Congrats Nix!!

Looking forward to seeing before and after pics of the lounge and the rest of the house when you chaps get to it :)

Charnè said...

congrats to your sister on the birth of your little girl and congrats to you and DH on your little boy :)