July 24, 2008

Terrible Trend

And so the terrible trend continues.... Although this time I must confess that I have a decent excuse. For those of you who know my history, and have stumbled upon me through the amazing support of the Fertilicare site www.fertilicare.co.za will understand my reasoning. For those of you who haven't, or haven't needed these guardian angels in your lives, because you were blessed au naturelle, you will also understand. And lastly, those of you who do not understand now, you will understand later.

An update on what is happening.

Business is crazy, and yes I have once again chosen hell week to update my sorely neglected blog, all be it at 19:15. Without jinxing the situation, or bringing in Sod (Murphy's cruel twin brother), the teething issues with a new business are starting to subside, and although I am still scarily busy at the end of each month, we seem to have ironed out a lot of problems with my system, or lack thereof.

The house is plodding on, the lounge is....... almost finished. What started as a relatively simple task has turned into something mammoth. So much had to be done and re done because of structural and convenience issues. I will not complain though, it is almost there and it will not be long before I can sit in my ideal lounge.

Some awesome, inspiring, amazing news is that Lady P, from now on Pam, (she gave me her permission) is going strong. We hit a speed wobble when her previous round of chemo yielded nothing, zero, zip. Unfortunately, because of the location and size of her tumor radiation was not an option to consider. The Doctors decided to give her the highest possible combination and dose of chemo and ladies and gents the results after 3 rounds of new chemo number 2.... The tumor has SHRUNK by 2cm. Now I don't want the Docs to take all the credit, I'm pretty sure all your prayers and thoughts had a huge part to play in this.

And lastly, and the reason for my cryptic 1st paragraph and my looooooong absence. After heartache, family bonding that brought my entire family including my folks and sisters closer to us, a new found respect for my folks and how much they do understand, and how far they will go to support me, finding my true friends and one friend in particular (you know who you are), that although we 'wobble' at important times, will never turn her back on me, emotional roller coaster rides, a lot of hard earned money, trips to doctors, embarrassing internal scan, horrid medication, poking, prodding, gallons of blood, and a lot of very sad tears......... finally happy tears came when a little stick decided to give me 2 lines instead of 1. I have chosen not to update my blog because the instant reaction is to scream from the top of the hills, to tell the world, but I needed to pass the dreaded 12 week mark. So, on or about the 2nd of February 2008 a new edition will be added to our family. This will not become a pregnancy blog, out of respect for those who have not yet had their turn. That is not to say that I will not update you all on our progress, but I will not overload you. Instead I will add a link later on to another blog, which will chronicle my pregnancy and the birth of our child. That way, if readers feel strong enough they can hop over and check it out.

And that as they say is that, no promises about new posts, I just can't seem to keep those.

PS. Nats, Ian and Hannah are doing fantastically, she is a beautiful, amazing little girl who has truly blessed her parents lives. You can continue to read their updates and Hannah's weekly news letter on their blog. Again a massive congratulations and a huge thanks for all your prayers which brought Hannah home.


Tjoppie said...

Glad to see you back here babe! Please try and make it a habit! Just kidding! Take care of the little bean and have a fab weekend! xxx Martie

Anonymous said...

Haha, Nix you are so funny! I "found" out by checking out the cool ticker at the bottom of your blog about 4 weeks ago *wink*

But none the less here is an OFFICIAL CONGRATULATIONS! Looking forward to hearing updated on the baby and pregnancy.