December 11, 2009

Christmas Menu

It's that time of the year again, where I rack my brain for a Christmas menu.

This is what I've settled on

Christmas Kisses, with a twist, they cannot be the traditional red and gold, I'll have to swap out the Cranberry Juice for some purple grape juice to fit in with the theme this year.

Cajun prawns on a bed of lettuce, and avo

Turkey stuffed with cranberry stuffing
Traditional roast lamb
Assorted veggies and roast potatoes

I'm stuck here. I was thinking a traditional Christmas cake but without the white icing. I wanted to rather soak it in van der Hum and smother it in a Bar One Chocolate Icing, decorated with glitter and icing sugar...

I'll post all the recipes on the Good Food blog, but in the meantime what do you think of the desert.

1 comment:

Martie xxx said...

The dessert sounds YUMM!!!! You can even pop a few blocks of white chocolate in the cake mix and then when you eat it it has the melted bits inside. Dont know if it will work in the fruit cake, but worth a shot?!

How about Yorkshire pudding with the main? YUMM!!!!

I lost my invite... What time is it again???