November 23, 2009

10 months old

Hello all of Mommy's lovely internet friends.

Wow, what a difference a month makes, Mommy says that all of a sudden I became a little boy.

1st of all the yucky stuff. I went for injections and the nice nurse measured and weighed me. She said I was very tall, 77cm's and Mommy said that she was sure I was going to weigh lots, 11.3kgs. The nurse said to Mommy I'm nowhere near fat, thank goodness, she said that 77cms and 11.3kgs matches perfectly. Mommy kept getting all teary about something called the 25th percentile and now being over the 97th percentile. Whatever Mom, I'm the one that had a needle stuck in my leg!

Now for the cool stuff. I can walk. I don't give Mom a chance take photo's though, I'm was too quick, and by the time the camera takes a photo all you see are bits of me.

I don't like to sit in my pram anymore. I can stand...

I can even touch my toes. Mommy and Daddy have heart failure when I do this, hahahahahahahaha. They say I'm going to crack my skull open.
I love to clap handies, whenever I do something clever. I shout YAY, and clap my hands as loud as I can. Daddy said there is something very special about my subtlety skills. Mommy said she'll brain Daddy if he teaches me sarcasm at this young age.

I really like to sit in the office when Mommy works. They don't seem to understand that I'm the boss though.

Something new happened to my face, and it's causing me serious grief. Mommy calls it mischief. I don't know what it is, but somehow they always know that I'm going to something naughty.

I love the Christmas tree, but I hate the stoopid hat they bought me. I mean really! Only Santa wears a hat like that!!!!
Mommy said I should say cheese when I smile for the camera, I took it literally and put some cheese in my mouth. I really don't understand why it was soooooo funny.

That's all my news for now, I will keep you all updated about my 1st Christmas, I am very excited.

Lots of love,


Mandy said...

You certainly are a very clever little man!! So proud of you!!

Paula said...

He is such a big boy! My word! The twins, at 2 days older weigh in at 8.1kgs. Congrats on the walking too, very advanced!

Evelyn said...

He is growing up so quickly!

Martie xxx said...

Oh my boy, you brought tears to my eyes! Youa re getting so big and you are just too gorgeous!

Ofcoarse you are the boss. Is your mom stupid or something? Surely she should know hey?! I mean, come on. You are WAY cuter than anyone in tehre anyway!

I cant wait for jayden to grow some more so that you two can play together without him eating your feet. BUT, in a way, i CAN wait, you two are gonna be soooo naughty together!

Take care of yourself my darling! And please... the next thing you must master is sleep. its really fun once you getthe hang of it. Give it a try ok. Mommy would LOVE you for doing it! Not that she doesnt love you at 2am. xxx