October 27, 2009

Then and Now

Marthie did a post on her scrumptious young man growing up.
I really cannot comment too much because the fact that this tiny human being has filled such a void in my life, gets me all teary eyed.
So what I'll say is that I love you so very much my little boy!

And now


Monzelle de Villiers said...

Ah man, so cute! It does make one teary to look back at the "old" photies, if I need a teary release I just page through the hundreds of photos I have and it will get me going in a second. On Sunday I had him on my lap just before bed time and as he "sat" there I realised he is too big to burp over my shoulder, he doesn't lie in my arms anymore, he now sits on my lap and his feet dangles down to the side. He does NOT have a "baby" body anymore, he is starting to become a toddler, where has the time gone! That was a big "revelation" moment and I was very sad but proud at the same time! Jordan, you gorgeous boy, you are SO cute!

Zeu said...

It's amazing how quickly they grow up hey? He is a real sweetie pie!

So so cute :)