November 14, 2008

Speaking of Christmas…

Traditionally in our home we celebrate 2 Christmas days. The 24th, Christmas eve, where I cook and we as a family unit sit around the table, stuff our faces, drink wine, play cards and make with the merry. The 25th we go off to our respective extended families and have Christmas number 2.

I plan every detail of the Christmas number 1, from colour co-ordination to a menu. I love spending 2 or 3 days in the kitchen preparing the food, tweaking the menu, drinking wine and listening to Christmas songs. This year it’s going to be a little different, at least for me. For starters, there will be no wine for me, iced green tea will suffice. Secondly, we have no dining room this year, a bit difficult to do the whole buffet; starters, 2 roasts, veg, rice, potatoes, pudding, mince pies, etc. Thirdly, I am anticipating that I will be nearing the size of a house, what with me being 8 months pregnant at around about that time, which, and again I am presuming, will mean manoeuvring around my teeny tiny kitchen will be a little on the difficult side, not to mention the swelling feet and sudden inability to deal with the heat.

So, I’ve had to adapt my plans just a little. Firstly, I am going to downsize the meal quite considerably, and although we will still be having 3 courses, I was thinking of doing it a little more French cuisine style…. You know the pretty food that looks like it wouldn’t satisfy a supermodel after starving themselves for 10 days. I figure that 3 courses of pretty, tiny portions on a plate and a large supply of cheese, crackers and Christmas mince pies should keep the rabid wolves at bay. Next I plan on doing the feeding outside, Port Elizabeth Christmas weather permitting. If the wind is howling though, I don’t know what we’ll do. I guess we’ll have to move the lounge around and try to fit the table and chairs inside. And last, I plan on taking from the 22nd off of work so that I have ample time to prepare the food, which will mean that I will only really have to worry about reheating the roasts and putting the veg on, on the actual day.
You see, I told you… serious OCD, but Christmas comes around once a year, it is such a special holiday and an amazing time to spend with the people you love and who love you, why not strive to make it perfect.

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Tjoppie said...

Ahhhh, I cant believe its nearly time! I cannot wait either! I think pink and silver with a white tree will look AWESOME!! I think i might steal that idea! :-)

Have fun preparing and take it easy ok! xxx