November 13, 2008

Holiday OCD

For those of you who know me, I suffer from a slight (okay severe) case of OCD, when it comes to certain things. Pens and pencils for one…. Don’t touch them, they’re mine, if you use my pens they are contaminated and somehow never write the same again. Colours are also a bit of an obsession. I don’t like anything to clash with my “chi” e.g. there is a house not so far from ours that is painted pumpkin yellow, with forrest green finishes. Not cool, in fact this particular house hurts my eyes and makes my head very noisy.

Christmas brings out the worst of my OCD tendencies. Firstly because I am so absolutely over the top Christmassy, that I want to put my tree up at the end of October. Secondly, and this ties in with my colour problems, my tree has to be co-ordinated. Two toned with colours that go well with the green of the tree. Even my wrapping has to match. So the question this year was what colour to go with. The year before last was red and gold, last year silver and electric blue and this year???? I was considering a pink and silver theme, because it will probably be the last time in a loooooooong time I’ll be able to have pink in my home, but pink and green, mmm, maybe not! So the question was, a new white Christmas tree, or change my theme. Anyway, I decided on the colours, I obtained the correct colour paper and now it’s just the fight with my Grinch. He maintains that it’s still far too early to be putting up our tree. I on the other hand have a very devious plan, I am going to do my Christmas shopping early this year. By the time all the packets of gifts have been left strewn about the house, he will beg me to put the tree up and wrap the gifts so that he has some semblance of order in his life, (he’s a neat freak).
I’ll have it up soon, I’ll take a photo and post it in all its Christmassy glory.

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